Which cushions to choose for which room?

Which cushions to choose for which room?

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To refine your decor, make it more comfortable and warm, nothing like a few cushions provided you know how to choose them. To guide you in choosing your cushions, here are our decor tips for each room.

The living room decorative cushion

In the living room, the cushion acts as a decorative developer. On the sofa, he will have the task of sublimating the seat while infusing the desired style into the room. We will then choose a classic size cushion, or small rectangular cushions in a color that will take up an element of the decor of your room. You can dare some fantasies with original patterns that will make the cushion the centerpiece of your decor. Do not hesitate to multiply them according to the size of your sofa.

The bedroom decorative cushion

In the bedroom, the mission of the cushion will be above all to bring you additional comfort. We have some models on the bed to give it volume and we can use them to modulate the inclination of the body for reading for example or watching a movie. In this case, the fabric is important to bring the cocooning touch to the room. We can therefore adopt cushions of beautiful sizes that dress in faux fur, wool or velvet. As for colors, we prefer soft colors that will not hinder sleep.

The decorative cushion in the children's room

For children, the problem is different because the cushion is as much a decorative accessory as a play partner. Your child will indeed be able to use the cushion to play on the floor and it will therefore have to be solid. Prefer materials that go to the washing machine for example. Do not hesitate to opt for a nice size that will be more comfortable. And for colors, play the fun card with funny patterns and bright colors that will appeal to children.