In the shop of… Stella Cadente, fashion designer

In the shop of… Stella Cadente, fashion designer

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Stella Cadente is an expert in mixing genres. And if tulle is one of her favorite materials (see the new lingerie space she has just created at Galeries Lafayette), she is also a fan of leather and sparkling things. In her golden boutique, a real fairy box, she works incognito, settles in a corner, watches and listens to her clients who inspire her.

An expert in daydreams

The Stella Cadente style is installed at Galeries Lafayette. Coming out of the escalator, lingerie floor, a huge tulle vault welcomes you. A must to find yourself in the world of female underwear. For the visitor, "it's like being under a woman's petticoat", explains the designer, who has always had fun with "as if" and likes to boost our imagination.

An inspiring boutique

The creative imagination of Stella Cadente is nourished by what she sees, hears, breathes. This is one of the reasons why she often spends hours in her shop, working there in her own way. Discreetly installed, a small notebook in hand, she sketches a silhouette or takes notes. "We learn a lot by looking at others, she explains. The gestures, the way of being, all this is inspiring and exciting."

Golden tunnel for trendy collection

Stella Cadente likes to compare her shop to a tunnel. You can also believe you are in a cave. But nothing dark in this space, on the contrary. Here everything that shines is gold. The walls were covered with four hundred gold leaves by the designer and her team. Result, we almost find ourselves in a fairy tale, choosing an outfit, an accessory or a perfume that transforms with a magic wand.

Tell a story

Going from fashion to interior design or beauty is gymnastics that Stella Cadente has been practicing for years. Whatever the challenge, it always works the same way, starting from a story. A habit that comes to him from his childhood. "I grew up thanks to all these stories that were told to me and which transported me to imaginary worlds." Today, it is she who makes others travel and she does it to perfection.

The 5 favorite objects of Stella Cadente