What are the different certifications for wooden houses?

What are the different certifications for wooden houses?

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Answer: the origin of the wood and the construction technique receive certifications.

Wood is an increasingly rare natural material, and its use is increasingly regulated. There are several certifications for wooden constructions. These certifications will let you know that you are working in harmony with nature. PEFC and FSC are two labels that tell you about the origin of the timber you use. This certifies that the wood comes from a forest administered in a sustainable manner and in accordance with the regulations. Other certifications, that of High Environmental Quality (HQE) and that of Very High Environmental Quality (THQE), apply to the wooden construction itself. These certifications guarantee that the accommodation in question has a reduced environmental impact, constantly evaluated and controlled, that it seeks energy saving and acoustic and visual comfort. For THQE housing, the objective is to reach 50 kWh / m² / year maximum. You too, send us your DIY question.


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