What colors should I match with neon pink?

What colors should I match with neon pink?

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For a girly spirit, neon pink is second to none. Between the sweet evocation of cotton candy and the retro air it gives to the decor, the neon pink does not go unnoticed. Splendid associated with deep blue or black, it can be attenuated by the presence of a more moderate tone, such as taupe brown. It is also delicious in a romantic and ultra feminine shades of well-tempered pink undertones.
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Neon pink and deep blue

Let there be no mistake, men are not insensitive to neon pink since it only appears in skillfully measured touches. So no question of falling into the total strawberry bubble gum type look if you do not want to see Prince Prince scoot away. Associated with a deep blue, the neon pink plays the feminine-masculine card without false note. In a mixed bathroom, the parental suite or even the convivial living room, it brings what it takes in good humor and modernity and can even prove to be elegant to swoon…
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Neon pink and black

Goodbye monotony ... hello relief and extravagance thanks to the subtle marriage of neon pink and black which comes to mix the essential white for the brightness. With such harmony, the decor takes on another dimension. Neither too girly nor too conventional, this combination of tones suits both a retro and a contemporary universe. To accentuate the design spirit, we can offer ourselves some objects and furniture from the splendid Matière Grise collections which give pride of place to colored metal. Artist's studio, loft, industrial-style apartment are all universes that will happily accommodate a positive-negative punctuated with neon pink. Equally classy and timeless, the neon pink and gray harmony is suitable for any room in the house, even the child's bedroom.
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Sublime pink and taupe wedding

Colors are second to none to influence our mood. Associating neon pink with taupe brown or glossy brown is creating a decor that is both energizing and conducive to well-being: an atmosphere that leaves no room for apathy without however becoming saturated. This harmony of colors is ideal in a veranda or the parents' room, places conducive to rest. It is also suitable for the living room which is wide open on a corner of enchanting nature. Rustic furniture in raw wood will naturally find their place there.
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A shade of roses for romanticism

We may wish to see life in pink without evolving in a candy box. It is therefore better to opt for a shades of roses punctuated with notes of violet and parma in order to obtain an interior decoration that is refined, feminine and romantic as desired. From the girl's bedroom to the contemporary living room, this variation of powder pink to neon pink is likely to seduce. We confirm the bohemian spirit with a hint of soft green for an evocation of spring meadows where we accentuate the rhythm with some accents of deep red that will bring accessories, decorative items and linens.
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