Video: cutting a hydrangea

Video: cutting a hydrangea

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Neophytes or seasoned gardeners, you want to multiply your plants without going through the garden center each time? The cuttings technique is a good way to remedy this problem. This consists of giving birth to a new shoot from a stem taken from the original plant. To show you how to do this, Fabrice Doornaert creates a hydrangea cutting and explains how to encourage it to develop. Follow his advice, on video!

Watch the video

Create the cutting

To cut a plant, you must take a young stem from a mother plant in order to multiply it by planting. To do this, take a pruner. Make a habit of always disinfecting it before using it to limit the transmission of disease between your plants. First, cut a young green stem that has not yet flowered. Ideally, it should measure 25 to 30 centimeters. Remove the leaves along the stem and cut off the head. You should end up with a long stem that has only two leaves above.

Plant the cutting

Choose a place where you want to plant your cutting and make a hole in it, stirring the soil. Push your rod inside, taking care not to damage it and fill the hole. Note that you can also dip the stem in cutting hormones before planting. Finally, take care to water your cutting daily at dusk so that it develops in the best possible conditions. You now know how to make a hydrangea cutting. It is advisable to create several to increase the chances of success. It only takes a few minutes and you can perform the operation until the end of August! Find The cuttings of a hydrangea on Produced by Minute Facile.