What does the expression "under renovation" mean compared to "under construction"?

What does the expression "under renovation" mean compared to "under construction"?

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Answer: the renovation concerns only an existing construction.

Construction and renovation are two terms used in the building industry. Construction refers to the creation of a building from virgin land. It is necessary to carry out structural work, that is to say foundations, walls, framing. Once the structural work is completed, it will be necessary to move on to the finishing work. Renovation, on the other hand, refers to modernization work on an already existing building. As a general rule, this involves conferring on an old building technical characteristics in line with the law and a higher quality visual aspect. However, when it comes to making a building comply with the regulations in force, we speak rather of rehabilitation. A renovation can be applied to an entire building or to a well-defined aspect of a dwelling such as insulation, pipes or the facade. You too, send us your DIY question. video id = "0" /


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