What type of parquet to choose?

What type of parquet to choose?

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In recent years the parquet has been acclaimed by more and more people. It is true that it is a floor which has many advantages and which brings a lot of allure to a house. In order not to be mistaken, it is important to choose a floor in line with your lifestyle. Do you know that there are different types? Find more articles on the theme: Estimate works for laying or renovating parquet

Solid parquet

It is only made of wood (oak, chestnut, pine ...) and its slats are thick. They are cut and shaped from a single piece of wood. Solid parquet has a lot of character and is resistant. It is often found in old houses where it has kept all its splendor. It is a sensitive parquet that tends to move under the feet due to temperature changes, for example. To install it, it is possible to nail or glue it, it is advisable to call in a specialist to be quiet for a long, very long time.

Floating floors

It is made up of three layers. The first, 2.5 mm minimum thickness, is made of wood, it is what gives the parquet a certain appearance, it is also the wear layer. The other two layers are derived from wood. Floating parquet is a real craze. Indeed, it does not require much maintenance because it is generally vitrified in the factory, it offers a large choice of models and colors and installation is easy. Generally it is enough to fit the slats together but, if you prefer, it is possible to glue your floating parquet or to nail it.

Laminate parquet

It has the particularity of not being made of wood. Indeed, a photo that imitates the appearance of real parquet is covered with resin and glued to a chipboard. With this method, laminate parquet offers a wide range of "woods" and colors. Its slats are large and thin and do not need to be treated. The installation is always done in a floating way, which saves time and simplicity. Laminate parquet is less solid than other types of parquet, it wears quickly especially in the places where there is the most passage and it is not possible to restore it.

The prices

Parquet prices vary according to the quantity requested and the quality of the wood. The least expensive is laminate flooring, but it will have to be changed regularly. Laminate flooring is good value for money, while solid parquet is a good long-term solution. To properly maintain your floors, consider treating them, otherwise regular dusting and a barely damp cloth wash will be perfect.