What colors to renovate a bathroom?

What colors to renovate a bathroom?

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Question from Yves:

dark brown oak. The earthenware on the wall all around is beige over a height of 1.90 m. There remains a wall height of 55 cm up to the ceiling. What do you recommend as a paint color? How to also repaint the furniture? Thank you. >>

Answer: a shade that is both relaxing and energizing

Hello Yves, many paint colors are possible for this bathroom since you only have beige earthenware on the wall. Only your bathroom is exposed to the north and the general atmosphere is certainly less bright. I therefore advise you to paint the walls without tiles in a shade that is both relaxing and invigorating, which could be a pearly blue, a bright pink or a purple. The washbasin unit will remain in a cream color, close to that of the tiles or whitewash it to give it a "country" and contemporary touch at the same time! You too, send us your decoration question video id = "0" /