Everything you need to know about solar lighting

Everything you need to know about solar lighting

Summer is here before us. It's time to switch to the "solar lighting" trend in the garden! But first, here is a point on everything you need to know about solar lighting: different possibilities of staging, operation…

Why choose it?

Do you need to know all the benefits of solar lighting before you crack? Easy. There are several of them ! First of all, as soon as the installation of your lighting is finished, it offers us a light source at zero cost and infinitely renewable. For green people, the choice is quickly made. And that's not all. Being automatic, this lighting does not solicit us in any case, it turns on by itself as if by magic at dusk. A real luxury! Installing solar lighting is easy as pie. Digging trenches, passing cables of all kinds, taking care of the electrical installation, are perfectly useless. Operating thanks to the sun, we have this lighting where we want in the garden! In short, solar lighting in the garden is zero cost and zero constraint. The ideal solution for any self-respecting eco-friendly and for DIY enemies…

How it works ?

Inevitably, lighting working thanks to the sun's rays, this intrigues. How is it possible then? This is the question we all ask ourselves. However, the answer is quite simple. The secret of solar lights? Panels with photovoltaic cells. Indeed, they are the ones that capture solar radiation during the day to transform it into energy. Energy then stored in the accumulators of the lamps, which supply LEDs that automatically turn on at nightfall for a duration of approximately 8 hours. Who was talking about very simple operation?

Is this decoration?

Once on the shelves of a store, rest assured, a wide choice of decorative solar lighting is available to you. Garlands, spotlights, wall lights, beacons, lanterns: solar lighting is infinite, and adapts to all styles of garden. For a contemporary exterior, we can favor built-in models, for a refined look. To bring fantasy to the garden, we will authorize the purchase of butterfly or dragonfly stakes to illuminate the space with a poet. For a festive exterior, you can fill up with decorative garlands to hang above the table and on the terrace… Anything is possible!

Where to place it?

It remains to choose the location of the chosen solar lights! And being able to locate them where we want (since these lamps are devoid of wires) is a real must. If the idea is to highlight a plant, the fountain or a statue, it is at ground level that we will place our lighting system. In addition to the auxiliary lighting, one can also bet on the lighting of a part of the garden by marking out a path, an alley, a dark area, the swimming pool. We can even give an overview of the whole garden by marking its perimeter.