What colors to associate with fluorescent?

What colors to associate with fluorescent?

We will not be satisfied with a pastel palette to cover our lack of sun and vitamin C. What we need now is to see life in fluorescent. A real boost to boost the long-awaited summer atmosphere, which so far has tended to hide. Only one precaution to take: master the color code associated with the flashy look to avoid any faux-pas decoration.

To highlight the fluorescent look

Of white

"Me, I dare the fluorescent!". Certainly, you should not be cold in the eyes to get the fluorescent out of your decor. So if your goal is to highlight this bold and offbeat bias, nothing like displaying it on a white background. So, as if it were a maxi bright photo shoot, we will only see the chosen elements: neon pink masking tape strips on the wall, neon blue chairs in the living room, neon yellow coat hooks in the entrance, all we jump out at the first glance!

Of black

The white / black combination has spread the word to give relief to the fluorescent look. On a black background, the fluorescent elements in turn stand out from the frame to make us see it. Full sight, but a less blinding sight than when associated with white. No, here, they brighten up, by their brilliance, the dark side of the darkest of colors. It remains to choose which accessories will participate in igniting the decor: frames, lamps, garlands, suspensions, carpets. The choice is extra wide…

To soothe the neon look

Tone on tone

To make it more explicit than the title, associating with the neon colors, their same calm and desaturated version color, makes it possible to adopt the flashy style in all sobriety. Thus, a neon pink poster hanging on an organdy pink, watermelon or bubble gum wall attracts attention, but does not monopolize it. In the same way, a fluorescent green stool installed in a living room with natural green tones, stands out without overshadowing the rest of the decorative furniture. In a child's bedroom, the energy provided by a neon orange cushion will be brilliantly channeled by an ocher or nasturtium-colored quilt. It is the rule of tone on tone, even if here the tones vary at all.


Another possibility to calm the game of a fluorescent color code: between white and black. In other words, adopt gray. Why ? Because only if you use the neon in small touches, this soft, neutral and elegant shade will calm its visual hyperactivity every time. Or how to find the right balance between a color often associated with a sad atmosphere and shades known for their overflow of dynamism!


Outside, the fluorescent light reflects light differently. Immersed in a world of grass and greenery, it does not jump to the eyes, but blends naturally into the decor, giving it an air of celebration and holidays. To celebrate summer on a "fluorescent" lifestyle, why not follow this example given by our balconies, terraces and gardens by associating it with a natural green palette?