Can we benefit from a tax credit by installing windows?

Can we benefit from a tax credit by installing windows?

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Answer: yes, under certain conditions.

The tax credit concerns people who have owned, rented or occupied free of charge their main residence for 6 months. Their accommodation must have been completed for more than two years. The planned works must be entrusted to a professional company and be part of an eco-sustainable approach. The products concerned by this tax credit are: thermal insulation materials for glass walls, windows or French windows, glazing with reinforced insulation, and double windows with reinforced double glazing. The expenses, which give entitlement to this tax credit, must not exceed 8,000 euros for a single person, 16,000 euros for a married or PACS couple. Please note, the tax credit applies to the amount of the products, but does not concern their installation. To benefit from it, you must enclose your invoice as well as the CSTB certificate which attests to the thermal performance of your new equipment. You too, send us your brico question


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