Lighting in the garden in 5 questions

Lighting in the garden in 5 questions

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Your outdoor space is adorned with its finery during the day, but have you thought about enhancing it at night. How? 'Or' What ? Using artificial lighting. By using the codes of indirect lighting inside the house, you will highlight and enhance your garden to give it a whole new face after dark. But faced with the multiple lighting solutions, discover in 5 questions how to sublimate it with the latest trends.

What are the keys to successful garden lighting?

LEDs, halogens, outdoor garlands, spotlights… there are a multitude of solutions to highlight your garden in the evening. But as with the interior of the house, consider creating different levels of lighting. First, a first will be placed high to generally light your space, then a second, lower and more oriented, will be arranged to light a living area, such as the entrance to the house, the dining area or the edges of a swimming pool. And a final purely decorative but terribly necessary, will consist of a multitude of small light sources, which playing on the accumulation, will allow to highlight different points of the garden.

How to properly light the entrance to the house?

Recently, wall lights are on the rise. As for the interior of the house, they are fixed directly to the wall to illuminate the most strategic places of the house such as the entrance or the access to the terrace. They land high enough between 1.50 and 1.80m so that they can see each other, without dazzling the eyes.

What type of lighting for an aisle?

Another type of lighting that has been popular in recent years for beautiful lighting in an aisle: LEDs! They can be planted on the ground or embedded in the covering. Serving more decorative lighting, it marks a path or an aisle by highlighting it. Quite discreet and very decorative, this type of lighting guides the visitor's steps to your entrance.

How to enhance my garden with light?

Do not hesitate to use natural elements to illuminate your garden with dignity. Trees, or a potted plant for small spaces, a stone can be staged simply by being lit from below. The light thus projected makes the irregularities of the materials dance to create a play of light and shade that dramatizes your garden.

What are the latest trends in lighting for the garden?

Backlit furniture and pots are increasingly sold. Born at the instigation of designers, they were very expensive a few years ago. Today prices are democratized and it is possible to afford a pot, a coffee table or a backlit stool from 39.90 euros. Another advantage of this type of lighting is that it can be colored. Red, blue, yellow, green, purple, it is possible to play with the different colors to brighten up your green setting in the evening. Scattered in the garden or on the terrace, they are a real decorative asset!