A low-cost green wall for my balcony

A low-cost green wall for my balcony

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To put your balcony green, nothing like a green wall! Overlooking the city, this vertical garden also has the advantage of being inexpensive. Discover our tips that will allow you to create a green wall on your balcony!

A green wall using iron bars

Hang several iron bars in a column on the wall (at least three). Above all, be sure to leave a good margin between each one so that you can hang pots and planters without being piled on top of each other. All you have to do is take action using the hook pot holder and voila!

A green wall using shelves

Easier to install than iron bars, the wall shelves can also make the wall. Fixed in columns or staggered, they can accommodate your small pots of greenery. Chic!

A green wall using a ladder

Take one or two ladders, and place them against the wall. There is more than hanging, using straps, on each step, small pots of green plants!

A green wall using a trellis

Plant a trellis in a large flower box installed on the ground, against the wall. Grow climbing plants on it (ivy, fern, etc.) so that, over time, they cover it entirely. To spend time on the balcony in the tropics, this is ideal.

A plant painting on your balcony

From a tray placed on the floor and pressed against the wall, you can create a plant table on your balcony. To do this, attach a large mottled frame to 1 meter from the tank. Inside this frame, fix a few battens which will cross it from one end to the other. Thus, climbing plants (from the tank placed on the ground) will eventually appropriate it, creating a plant, arty and poetic staging…