Create a room with Japanese panels

Create a room with Japanese panels

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Whether you want to create a TV corner in your large room or want to arrange an office corner in another space, it is sometimes practical to be able to use movable partitions. And to create a modular room, Japanese panels are the ideal solution.

Movable partitions for all your needs

The trend of open spaces is starting to run out of steam and you again feel the need to regain your privacy. So to create small rooms within your open spaces, we use Japanese panels that will allow you to modulate the spaces as you see fit. You can for example divide a room in half if two children share their bedroom or you can simply create an enclosed space if you want to install an office in the dining room.

How to create a piece in Japanese panels?

The installation of Japanese panels is very simple. Just install a specific rail on the ceiling. It is the fixation of the fabric that will give its rigidity to the wall. You can choose almost any fabric knowing that to partition spaces, it is advisable to choose a fabric thick enough to cut the spaces but transparent enough to let in natural light. On the decorative side, make sure that the fabric chosen is in line with the style of your room so that the panels are best integrated into the space. Your partitions can then be modulated as you wish to open or close the space according to the times of the day. Note that you will find kits ready to be installed but you can also benefit from a tailor-made package or even have your walls personalized.