Trend: Toyz or contemporary sculptures

Trend: Toyz or contemporary sculptures

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Have you noticed that funny creatures had taken over not only trendy places but also many interiors? You may not know it, but these modern sculptures are actually Toyz. A real phenomenon that we decipher for you!

What is a Toyz?

The Toyz are sculptures well in their time! Between urban figurines and designer toys, these are mini graphic works of art influenced as much by urban cultures, manga, illustrations as contemporary art. In France, these Toyz are mainly represented by the company Artoyz. Born in 2003 under the impulse of passionate friends, it is first and foremost a sales platform that highlights the best of creation. And in 2008, the company launched with its own label "Artoyz Originals" to produce and develop figurines of French and international artists.

Why are we adopting them?

If we love them so much it is because they correspond exactly to the trend of the urban style and they allow to personalize its interior in an original way. Some models can even be personalized with felt for a unique creation. They also allow us to reconnect with the collections by offering us an adult and specialized version. The designs are always renewed and appeal to the most fashionable artists. In a word, the Toyz are the new works of art of our time and allow us to offer ourselves a little creativity at more affordable prices! Be careful not to become an addict!


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