What colors should you choose to repaint your staircase?

What colors should you choose to repaint your staircase?

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The staircase is an interior element that deserves special attention. Whether placed in the entrance, a corridor, or in a room, the staircase must be in perfect harmony with the rest of the decoration. If it is one color, it can be forgotten, it asserts itself in a masterful way when it is painted in several colors. Here are some strategic ideas for connecting two levels.

A staircase that plays on sobriety

We may wish to play the wisdom card and make the staircase as invisible as possible. In this case, leaning against a white or gray wall, it will remain discreet if it is painted in the same tones for a metal and concrete staircase, or - if it is in wood - simply tinted with clear. Make no mistake: this discretion will in no way diminish its elegance, whether straight, spiral, or angled.

Photo credits: Mercadier / Camif Habitat

White staircase on color background

The white staircase brings a lot of elegance to the interior decoration. Thus repainted, it harmonizes with almost all tones. However, avoid painting the staircase white if the supporting wall is beige, off-white or ivory. On the other hand, the result is likely to be spectacular on a midnight blue, red or black wall. It is a good idea to properly orient the lights which - at nightfall - will enhance the white staircase.

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A stair carpet for style

Thanks to the carpet specially designed for him, the staircase can - whatever its shape - have style. Obviously, the stair carpet can only be installed if there are risers. In a classic interior, you can opt for a plain carpet if you want to play the card of sobriety or patterned for more fantasy. Be careful, however, not to be obsolete. It is therefore better to opt for trendy colors such as purple, lime green or electric blue, taupe or linen tone. Note that the stair carpet adds to interior comfort since it stifles footsteps.

Photo credit: Dulux Valentine

Multicolored staircase for a touch of madness

The trend is for all daring. Why not take advantage of the staircase all the more if it has risers? Creative minds have an extraordinary support here on which to express their talent. They can use three or four colors - more would be excessive - and play the shades or on the contrary emphasize the contrasts. Between the ramp, the stringer, the risers and the steps, there is material to compose a true symphony of colors. The multicolored staircase requires that the nearest walls be of one color, if possible in agreement in order to avoid saturation. Ditto if the staircase below is fitted with shelves for storage, which must be matched to avoid taste errors. The multicolored staircase is perfectly suitable in a loft where the metallic gray is quite present. Like a decorative object, it brings fantasy and cheerfulness while confirming the well-tempered character of the owner.

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