Kenwood Multipro Sense Weighs Its Weight

Kenwood Multipro Sense Weighs Its Weight

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I had never talked about Kenwood's compact multi-function robot before, so this is an opportunity to repair the affront with the latest addition to the range, the Multipro Sense FPM 810.

His look

On the look side, this multi-function robot retains the same lines of the Multipro range: a compact square base that barely protrudes from its tank. The Multipro are distinguished by a fairly versatile design, which invokes stability and solidity rather than fantasy. As for colors, the same observation is made since the only option allowed is gray, whether it is brushed metal (with Multipro Metal) or brushed aluminum (with Multipro Sense).

His accessories

For accessories, Kenwood offers us true versatility for maximum possibilities. First of all, it has two tanks (3.5 and 1.5 l) in tritan, a plastic also used by Gobi bottles without Bisphenol A and which has the distinction of being very resistant, not yellowing and do not transmit odors. It is also equipped with a 1.8 l heat-resistant glass blender (up to 160 ° C) whose base and knife are removable for better maintenance. For mixers, the Multipro Sense is supplied with a kneader, metal balloon whips and a novelty, the "delicate mixer". No need to explain its function, its name does it very well.
Finally it is equipped with five stainless steel discs: a 2 mm grater / slicer, a 4 mm grater / slicer, an extra fine grater (for Parmesan cheese), a wavy slicer (for decoration, but which still curls his vegetables?) and a julienne disc. The five discs can be stored in a small box provided for this purpose.

Its engine

Its 1000-watt motor, guaranteed for 25 years, can be controlled by an 8-position variator. But we can also let the robot choose the speed with its automatic function.

Its new functions

The real innovation of this robot is to integrate a weighing function: a screen above the base allows you to weigh with an accuracy of 2 g up to 3 kg. The tare function is also available. Kenwood provides you with a removable weighing dish, enough to permanently store your kitchen scale in the cellar.
So this is a super complete device at a fairly reasonable price (399 €) compared to the 25 year motor warranty. We can nevertheless regret that the addition of additional accessories is also expensive (100 € for the brunoise accessory and 90 € for the centrifuge).

Kenwood, Multipro Sense compact multifunction robot, FPM 810, price: € 399