How to ventilate a septic tank?

How to ventilate a septic tank?

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Answer: air inlet and outlet must be provided.

The gases caused by the fermentation of waste water discharged into the septic tank must be evacuated. This is the role of the ventilation system. An air inlet must be provided upstream, at the level of the wastewater collection pipes. An air outlet is carried out by a pipe connected downstream from the water treatment installations. It is this which allows the evacuation of gases through the roof. This ventilation, called primary, is essential but insufficient. A wind or static extractor must be placed on the ridge of the roof of your home. Remember, if gases build up, they can damage the very structure of the septic tank and force you to do heavy and expensive work. In your interest, it is therefore better not to neglect this part of your septic tank. You too, send us your DIY question.