Video: choosing your fabric paints and textile felts

Video: choosing your fabric paints and textile felts

Want to personalize your textiles, alone or with your children? Follow the advice of Diane Lallement, creator of the brand A deux mains, to choose the most appropriate material for your projects.

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Choose textile felts

If you want to personalize small areas and spend a pleasant creative moment with your children, turn to textile felts. Plain or glittery, the textile felt is ideal for customizing small areas, such as a pencil case. Please note: some felts are only used on light fabrics. If you plan to work on an actu: 739845 dark fabric, choose a felt suitable for this use, which can then also be used on actu: 739845 light fabric.

Choose paints for news: 739845 fabric

If you want to paint a light surface, use the paint for news: 739845 classic fabric. If you want to paint a dark surface, you have two options: mix a paint for news: 739845 light fabric with an opacifier or choose an opaque paint. There is a paint for news: 739845 fabric which adapts both to light and dark fabrics. If you want a "Watercolor" effect, you can mix the paint with water.

Tips for painting a news item well: 739845 fabric

It is imperative to iron without steam and at maximum temperature your creations with textile felt and paint for news: 739845 fabric to be able to pass them in the washing machine. If you want to imitate cross stitches or thrown stitches, turn to the foam, which mixes with the paint and swells when ironed. For a degraded effect, use paint that dries in the sun. Thanks to Diane Lallement for these precious tips! Watch the video Choose your latest paintings: 739845 fabric and textile felts on Produced by Minute Facile.