Trend: we skate the furniture!

Trend: we skate the furniture!

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Today, smooth furniture is much less interesting! What we are looking for is furniture that has lived, that has a history and that will give character to our interiors. And to meet his desires, we put on the patina that materializes the time that has passed on the furniture.

Patina, why is it trendy?

There are two reasons for the success of the patina! Firstly, because old things are becoming a safe bet in a world which precipitates consumption. A piece of furniture that has weathered over time, so it is a durable piece of furniture that has survived through the ages and will continue to do so. Suffice to say that in times of crisis, a weathered piece of furniture has something reassuring and that's why we like it! But not only that, because a weathered piece of furniture is also a unique model provided that it is really so over time and not artificially in a factory. And that brings us to the second reason: the patina pleases because it allows you to personalize your furniture and make it unique! Indeed, if the patina is very beautiful when it is done over time, the effects made with paint are just as much. Aging a piece of furniture then becomes a hobby that allows you to create its decoration by injecting it with a story.

How do you find patinated furniture?

You have several solutions to offer you a weathered piece of furniture! The most authentic will be to skim the flea markets and garage sales until you find the rare pearl, that is to say a piece of furniture that is sufficiently modern and old at the same time to find its place in your interior while presenting a beautiful patina. . Not that easy. Second option, simpler but a little cheated, is to go to a decoration store that offers new furniture that looks like old. And there are wonders! At Maisons du monde or Amadeus for example, you will find many pieces of furniture with aged effects that are more real than life and in all colors which is almost impossible otherwise. Finally, the last option is to create the weathered effect yourself on a wooden piece of furniture in order to create a piece of furniture to your liking and work the material as you see fit.

How to skate a piece of furniture?

To help you age your furniture, many paint brands such as Libéron or Maison Décorative offer ready-to-use pots to apply on previously sanded furniture to create an aged effect. In addition, you can also create your own patinas by using whitewax for white lead and bleached effects, golden or silver wax to create precious aged effects or even cracking varnish. Generally, it is then necessary to prepare the support by sanding then by carrying out an undercoat which will serve as a base when necessary. We then use wax, a cloth or a spatula to create the effects. To help you, you will find books presenting the different techniques such as the book "Patine Techniques & Decorative Projects" by Sandrine Muller-Bohard published by Le Temps Apprivoisé.