Our top 8 male appliances

Our top 8 male appliances

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Six more minutes a day! It is the additional time devoted by men to household tasks since 1986, according to a study by INSEE in 2012. What if the solution to make them participate more was in the evolution of household appliances? Zoom on our selection of 8 designer appliances and useful "gadget" that could make our men addicted!

The Smeg FAB refrigerator: the centerpiece

You can certainly get a very ordinary white refrigerator, but why not play with a few colors? Retro-colored fridges will amaze you every day.

Falcon Classic range: Innovation and modernity for a traditional design

Why choose between tradition and modernity? This model allows you to combine the two thanks to its electric versions. You can choose between a ceramic or induction hob.

The Philips Senseo Quadrante coffee maker: coffee pleasure

Easy to use and with a contemporary design, this coffee machine will serve you delicious sparkling coffee. Thanks to the intensity selector, choose between a short and tight coffee or a long and sweet coffee!

The Whirlpool max microwave: innovative and bright colors

Spring is coming and it makes you want to brighten up your kitchen with color! Its rounded lines, its minimum size and its maximum capacity will make a sensation in your kitchen! With its rounded shapes and its ultra-flat door, placed at an angle, it will free up space on the worktop.

The Philips FC vacuum cleaner: simplicity and performance

With a well thought out ergonomics, this vacuum cleaner has a brush with double position which will adapt to all types of soil. Parquet, tiled carpet, with a power of 2000 watts, no grain of dust will resist it! It is equipped with an aerodynamic air duct, which considerably reduces noise pollution.

KitchenAid Artisan Rouge: more than just a robot

With a rounded design, its unique fixing means and its bowl with ergonomic handle, this food processor will be a very elegant ally in your kitchen and will allow you to give free rein to your culinary creativity!

Hotpoint ARISTON dishwasher: the avant-garde in aesthetics

Change your habits and opt for a rather modern appliance! A sober, refined and modern color for your dishwasher, a real sure value.

Hotpoint ECO 8 washing machine: Design and efficiency

With its aesthetic curves and refined black design, this washing machine is equipped with “Eco tech” technology, which will allow you to save up to 30% in water! In addition, it offers 16 programs adapted to your needs. This washing machine will find its place in any interior!


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