How to make a window opaque?

How to make a window opaque?

Solution n ° 1: opt for an opacifying window glazing

The first solution for opaque glazing is not necessarily the easiest to implement because it is planned well before the installation of the window! Indeed, if, during the design of your home, you decide that in this or that room you want a glass that reduces the transparency of your window, you will then have the choice between:

  • A translucent granulated glazing, whose slightly frosted and satiny appearance hides the view while letting in enough light to avoid darkening your room too much.
  • A liquid crystal double glazing. A 100% modern, practical and effective solution: the translucent liquid crystal film is placed between the double glazing of the window and is connected to a switch. When the latter is in the "on" position, the glazing becomes transparent, but when it is "off", the glazing then becomes completely opaque! A solution certainly very effective, but which remains quite expensive to implement (almost unthinkable in the context of a renovation!).

Solution n ° 2: put an opaque film on the window

Second interesting option for make a window opaque : ask a opaque film directly on the glass. It is THE ideal solution if you want to hide from a person opposite but you cannot afford to invest in opaque glazing : the average price for a 60x200 cm window is barely 40 euros! Again, you have the choice between 2 different options:

  • Opaque adhesive films, which stick directly to the inside of the window.
  • Electrostatic opaque films, which are placed on the glazing: easier to place, they are also easier to remove and leave no adhesive residue.

Note that in addition to their attractive price, self-adhesive window films have many advantages:

  • They are available in almost all decoration and DIY stores;
  • Anyone can put them at home safely;
  • They now offer a very wide choice in terms of models: frosted glass appearance, geometric patterns, etc.

Good to know for installation : that you choose a adhesive or electrostatic film to make your window opaque, be sure to thoroughly clean your glass before installation. Remove air bubbles between the window and the film using a squeegee to obtain an impeccable result. If bubbles persist, pierce them with a pin and flatten the film with your fingertip.

Solution 3: Sheers to protect you

If you want make a window opaque but you don't want to touch the glazing or your windows, you have the option "curtains"! Once again, you will be spoiled for choice between light curtains (practical because they let in light), blackout curtains that are much more opaque, classic privacy screens, or even blinds to be hung on a bar. glazing.

In addition to being practical, sheer curtains also have the merit of being available in all possible sizes, materials and colors, at prices once again much more affordable than opaque glazing.