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. The NOMADE PARTITION, a removable, modular partition, fully clipped The Nomade Serastone partition dresses, undresses or moves your interior walls in a few "clicks", to separate your spaces, vary or revegetate your ambiances, without dirtying or damaging. Just install in compression its solid framework, recycled plastic support, then clip its tiles, chosen from a wide and evolving range of materials (painted wood, glazed wood, recrystallized stone, leather, stretched canvas), colors, reliefs, and mirrors, blackboards or magnetic, and above all vertical gardens, lights ... A desire for change, a move, just choose new tiles, or take away its partition. Standard dimensions: 40 cm wide modules (x 2, x 3 etc…), 245 to 260 cm high with adjustable cylinders (or 285 to 300 cm, and ditto every 40 cm), and 6 or 10 thick cm The VERTICAL GARDEN, a plant wall lamp to hang or clip Either hung on the wall in a unitary or combined way, or clipped into a partition or a Nomad wall. Removable and interchangeable, with removable water retention tank, blotter and access pipette. Dimensions: modules of 40 X 40 x 6 cm (x 2, x 3, etc.), tiles and LED lights of your choice. CONTACT: Didier Fenu SERASTONE Group Tel. : 06 68 14 69 29 [email protected] www.serastone.com To find and order the products displayed online: www.amenager-ma-maison.com Plants for plant partitions: Rosemary, Mint, Chives, Parsley ... Ivy, Ferns, White Flowers TRUFFAUT www.truffaut.com


. TV stand High Buffet Rapido convertible sofa FURNITURE & CO www.meublesandco.com SUSHIS Table Corridor Black 50 x 150 x 40 cm Lacquered metal coffee table made up of 3 decomposable and autonomous elements: a main room, a console that slides under it and a tray that is installed on horseback, each of the pieces can be arranged at the ends of sofas for an even more effect complete (French manufacturing) THE DESIGN NOMAD www.lanomadedudesign.com Tel: 06 03 52 98 22 White lacquered wardrobe 3 doors RIMINI Simple and refined line for this 175 x 210 white lacquered wardrobe. Consisting of 3 doors, it has a large storage capacity. Its smooth and shiny appearance gives it a great class like all the furniture of the brand. Divided into 2 parts (1094 and 580cm), this wardrobe offers on each part a shelf and a hanging bar. MOOVIIN www.mooviin.com 1 designer desk White lacquered LACY 1 Design chair with casters Black NEW STEEVY 2 JAROD Black and White designer armchairs 2 White HALTON lacquered design side tables MILIBOO www.miliboo.com


. Vinyl floor "TWEED SILVER GRAY" Unis & Design range - Easy, economical and fast installation: No preparation of support, no glue! - Ideal for renovation: Adapts to all floors and masks the roughness of the existing floor thanks to its textile backing! - Easy maintenance and anti-allergic: A little soapy water and the floor is impeccable and hygienic! GERFLOR www.gerflor.fr STARS Gray rug 160 x 230 cm Ref: 45500/9494 SAINT MACLOU www.saint-maclou.com


. 1 TILLIA Black Design Floor Lamp 2 STELA designer table lamps MILIBOO www.miliboo.com Krom touch lamp Atom Chrome Floor Lamp H. 140 cm Kapsel H 22 60 W pendant lamp Black / Silver COLORS, an exclusive brand of CASTORAMA www.castorama.fr Gruis floor lamp H 163 40 W Chrome Table lamp Cocoon H 32 40 W Chrome CASTORAMA www.castorama.fr


. Armored door wallpaper DAY COLLECTION //shop.graindecouleur.com/ 1 CUMULUS mirror 358715 UMBRA www.umbra.com Black & White pictures: 9093: "Escalator gare de Lyon" 4094: "The" Fischerkietz "district, Berlin is with the television tower 1973" 4239: "Chairs in the garden of the Champs Elysées, 1934" 3651: "La rue sainte Catherine, Canada 1947" THE PHOTOFACTORY www.laphotofactory.fr Mural : Dulux Valentine Paint - Color Cream - PRUNE Dulux Valentine Paint - World Colors - LONG ISLAND CLAIR Dulux Valentine Architect Paint - Absolute Matt - INTENSE WHITE Dulux Valentine Architect Paint - Absolute Matt - BLACK Gold DULUX VALENTINE www.duluxvalentine.com ARCHITECT range, only for sale at Leroy Merlin


. 1 pair of curtains with a WAVE RUFLETTE made of DUO free black velvet at the top / black style at the bottom 1 curtain of 1 strip for a door with a RUFFLETTE finish 7 cm in black velvet 3 cushions 42 x 42 in black style HEYTENS www.heytens.fr


. 1 coat rack STICKS 318211 // 660 UMBRA www.umbra.com Eiffel Tower in plexiglass I WAS IN PARIS www.iwasin.fr Julien Paintings - Decor Aerosols - SNOW WHITE Julien Paintings - Decor Aerosols - MATTE BLACK JULIEN PAINTINGS www.peinturesjulien.fr NEK soft RASBERRY vase This 32cm NEK soft raspberry vase is signed by Villeroy & Boch. It is part of the new collection of vases which allows classic and stylish decorations… NEK Villeroy & Boch vase The NEK vase is signed by Villeroy & Boch - more than any other prestigious brand, Villeroy & Boch can boast of being deeply rooted in European culture… PURE STONE soft vase Discover this superb 70cm PURE STONE vase that will bring a touch of nature to your interior… Villeroy & Boch NUMA PURE STONE Vase This Numa Villeroy & Boch pure stone 34cm vase is part of the new collection of vases allowing classic and stylish decorations… NUMA ARTIC BREEZE Vase This 20cm Numa Villeroy & Boch Artic Breeze vase is part of the new collection of vases for classic and stylish decorations… THE PELICAN www.lepelican.fr PM HNC400007 black rubber ceramic glass vase PM HNC400009 white eraser ceramic glass vase Amphora Boehme narrow SCL410005 PM HNC400004 gray rubber ceramic and glass vase GM GTL410018 knitted vase COMING B www.comingb.fr Candles PARTYLITE www.partylite.fr