Video: hide the screws

Video: hide the screws

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You have many elements to screw, but you do not want to invest in screws of different colors so that they are adapted to each element? You had to screw an object in a hurry, but the screws are mismatched and far too visible for your taste? Thanks to Laid Azzi's tips from, hide your unsightly screws in just a few seconds, and at a very low price.

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The material necessary to hide the screws

The camouflage of unsightly screws requires no investment. Indeed, it is enough to use the material which one has at home, in an office, to hide screws a little too showy. If the screwed element is dark in color, use a standard black marker, which is found in stationery and which will be useful in other situations. If the screwed element is rather light or white, turn to a white corrector, easily borrowed from any schoolboy.

How to hide the screws?

To hide the screws, it's very simple. You just need to color the head of the screw, or the whole visible part of the screw, with the black marker or the white corrector. Cover the entire visible surface of the screw, in order to obtain a regular and discreet result. This method considerably reduces the contrasts between the color of the screws and that of the screwed element. By following the advice of Laid Azzi, you will obtain a subtle and aesthetic result. Watch the video Hide the screws on Produced by Minute Facile.