Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Kitchen

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Kitchen

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Buying a kitchen is often a big investment, so there is no question of embarking on this project without having carefully thought it out: budget, service providers, tailor-made layout according to space and needs ... It would be serious mistakes than not thinking about it well…

Don't get started without having budgeted for your project upstream

Your budget will help you in the first place to choose whom to turn to and which options to favor for the purchase of your kitchen, because between a kitchen in kit bought in a large sign and to assemble yourself, a ready-to-install kitchen set up place by an installer or a custom kitchen designed and installed by a kitchen designer, there are obviously significant cost differences. The more you choose personalized services, the more vigilant you will have to be to stay consistent with your budget.

Don't settle for just one quote

If you want a kitchen that is perfectly suited to your room and your needs, you will no doubt call on a specialist who will design your kitchen. Whether they are recognized brands in this field or independent kitchen designers, do not hesitate to compare their ranges and their services and have several detailed quotes drawn up to choose the one that seems most suitable to you, and your style. , and your needs and your wallet!

Do not favor aesthetics over functional

We can very easily be dazzled by the aesthetics of certain kitchens, find them incredibly trendy and imagine in the blink of an eye the chic they would bring to our interior. We would even forget that they are however totally unsuitable for our space and our needs ... This is why you will first need to think about your kitchen in terms of needs, space and layout. To do this, ask yourself the essential questions: What size and shape is your future kitchen space? And what role should he play? Will it be a convivial and sharing space or a simple space for cooking? How many people should he accommodate during meals? Do you spend a lot of time cooking or spending time in your kitchen gusting? The answers to all these questions will allow you to think carefully about your kitchen and make it functional for you and your family. Then comes the time to make aesthetic choices in keeping with its future layout.

Don't be surprised by the final bill

Do not be fooled, the final bill can climb at full speed! On this depends the small and large household appliances that you will put there but not only! The choice of materials will influence the note (solid wood, glass, etc.) as will the personalized finishes (lacquered, patinated effect, etc.). The interior design of the furniture will also increase the bill as soon as you opt for items that are not part of the entry-level: drawers, sliding doors, corner furniture have a cost that you will need to quote in detail to avoid unpleasant surprises!


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