Which Christmas log for which festive table?

Which Christmas log for which festive table?

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Since the boom in cooking shows, the pleasures of the table have also become an aesthetic issue! And for the holidays, it will be the Christmas log which will be in the center of the table and which will play the decorative stars. Zoom on the trendy logs of 2012 that will show on your tables.

The holiday star log

The dishes that are presented at the table are no longer only linked to the pleasures of taste but also involve the sense of sight! Indeed, a cake should no longer just be good but it must have a visual effect that will be fully part of the decor of your table. Dessert becomes the highlight of your decoration thanks to pastries which are becoming more and more playful and daring. Each year, the choice of the Christmas log becomes a colossal issue because the dessert will therefore have to delight your guests but also close your meal with an aesthetic apotheosis that will also match your table setting. The two must therefore be thought of simultaneously to blend perfectly and offer a stunning theme to your Christmas decor.

The new generation log

And to help you make your dessert the surprise of the meal, the chefs are transformed into real designers! We put aside the traditional rolled log and its plastic decorations in favor of culinary creations that we would hardly want to taste as the visual is neat. Today's pastry chefs are completely reinventing the Yule log to free themselves from traditional codes and forms and the result is spectacular!

Overview of 2012 logs

The 2012 Christmas log batch is more than enticing with incredible shapes and delicious flavors. Everyone has their own reinterpretation: Dalloyau winks at the plastic decorations by offering to taste them this year, Pierre Hermé has fun with the word bûche and offers straightforward stumps of wood for tasting and the Maison du Chocolat transforms the log into a fir tree with clean lines. These beautiful logs will thus find their place with a traditional table decor in red and white for example. At Arnaud Delmontel and Fauchon, the log is inspired by the snowy mountain and becomes a series of snow-white peaks for an original and contemporary look. We will then bet on a white, silver or golden table with games of transparencies in the dishes to evoke the ice cubes. Even the frozen giant revisits the traditional logs to offer them a look up to the event. The frozen chocolate log is graphic with spheres that settle along the entire length and the pastry log has the round shape of a pretty Christmas gift box. These jewels will be installed on a table with design accents as well as more traditional. Finally, at Sébastien Gaudard, the log transforms into a meringue dress with a beautiful marquise for a magical and spectacular table that highlights the splendor of the end of year celebrations!


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