I lay tiles on parquet

I lay tiles on parquet

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Do you want to revamp this old parquet that requires too much maintenance? What if you learned to lay tiles on parquet? To put tiles on a floor, you can't do anything, because you have to remember that wood works over time, it is a living material. To avoid mishaps or even major damage in the future, follow our advice.

Step 1 - I prepare my material

To lay tiles on parquet, the following equipment is required: mallet, glue, brush, trowel, comb, meter, corners and grinder.

Step 2 - I install an underlay

Wood is a living material, which works over time. You cannot glue your new tiles directly in contact with the parquet. It is therefore imperative to paste a specific undercoat beforehand for an optimum result.

Step 3 - I take care of the common sense of the tiles

Please note that some square plates may not be exactly the right size. To avoid any odds, turn them over, you will have indications on the back, like arrows or signatures to know in which direction to put them.

Step 4 - I place the plates without the glue

Lay the tiles dry on the floor covering. Place them flat, you will know how to arrange them without false note before having put the glue.
For optimal spacing, place 3mm thick corners between each plate.

Step 5 - I prepare glue

Prepare the special glue using a mixer. A word of advice: ready-to-use glues exist, ask your distributor.

Step 6 - I proceed with the installation of the glue

Apply the glue to the underlay with a trowel or comb.

Step 7 - I lay the tiles

Gently arrange your plate parallel to the first one while putting 3 mm corners between each.
Do not hesitate to tap the tiles with a mallet so that they are all at the same level.

Step 8 - I adapt the tiles to the angles and ends of the line

When you reach the end of the line of tiles, or for the door angles, take the measurements and report them on the tile.
Cut your slab to the right dimensions with a grinder (available for rental).
Glue it in the same way as the previous tiles. Let it dry.

Step 9 - I install the joint

Brush the tiles over the entire surface with joint, taking care not to leave any air bubbles between the tiles. Know that there are several colors of seals, then you choose the one that you prefer!
After a few minutes of drying, remove the excess seal on the surface using a damp sponge. Let it dry. There you are!


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