Pretty cakes for Christmas

Pretty cakes for Christmas

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You are unfortunately not the king of pastry and Christmas is approaching "big bites". Do you want to surprise your guests? We found the solution: cake molds and cookie cutters with original shapes on the Christmas theme!

Shapes for Christmas…

This year, it is you who will make the Christmas dessert with to help you: Santa Claus, fir trees, shooting stars, logs, angels, snowmen, reindeer, flakes ... These cake molds and cookie cutters will embellish your tables and thematize your desserts for Christmas. They will please adults as well as your children! We can even say that your 3D cakes will amaze your guests. You can also make them to offer them to your loved ones or taste them to taste them! Because in times of extreme cold, we like to warm up and eat cupcakes to accompany a good hot chocolate by the fire!

Easy to use

These cake molds are easy to use, whether silicone, plastic or stainless steel. You will only have to prepare your cake or cookie dough: cookie, shortbread, yogurt cake, marble ... Then add it to the molds and bake them. They will then be very easy to unmold, you will only have to add chocolate chips, almond powder for a personal touch ... The use of cookie cutters is also easy, just use them to cut cookie dough. In addition, your children will be happy to help you in the kitchen! These kitchen utensils are therefore essential for your Christmas parties! You will just have to present your desserts in your most beautiful dishes or under a bell next to disguised fruit and gingerbread!