Video: how to make Christmas balls yourself?

Video: how to make Christmas balls yourself?

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For a unique and original Christmas decoration, why not make your own decorative balls yourself? met Véronique Pulby - alias Chipie la Galette -, a Lyon designer passionate about creative leisure. Through a few short videos, she gives you her tips for creating personalized decorative and festive objects, which do not require either being an expert or putting your hand in your pocket! Today, Véronique explains how to make Christmas balls with flexible plastic bands and Parisian ties. A way to personalize your party decor in a fun and easy way!

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What you need for each ball

- Translucent flexible plastic - Two Parisian fasteners - News: 739781 cutter - A hole punch - An exacto - A small decoration in retro glass - Two ends of golden cord

What to do

Cut the plastic strips of different widths and several colors and pierce each end with the hole punch. Then, pass the Parisian fastener at each end by alternating the colors and the widths while taking into account the direction of the threading to close the ball. Make a small hole in the middle with the exacto in which you pass the second Parisian fastener. You can then deploy the sphere. Attach a small glass subject with a golden cord to the center of the ball. Finally, add another cord for the suspension. You can now hang this original retro ball in your living room! Find out more! Discover the creations of Chipie la Galette in her A Little Market boutique Enter the world of Chipie la Galette with her interview!


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