Peugeot brings flavors back to life

Peugeot brings flavors back to life

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Peugeot, a large French car manufacturer? Not only ! Because before creating motor vehicles, the lion brand stood out among other things by its flavor mills, an activity which continues successfully today under the PSP Peugeot brand. Resolutely designer or very retro, the household mills and the range of accessories linked to the world of wine imagined by Peugeot mark a link between the quality of yesteryear and current technologies. Corkscrews, spice or coffee grinders, wine glasses, delicatessen… Discover the full extent of Peugeot knowledge through its history.

The lion saga

The story begins in 1810 when two brothers - Jean-Pierre and Jean-Frédéric Peugeot - decide to transform the family mill into a steel foundry. Initially manufacturing saws and various tools, the Peugeot Frères company will embark a few years later in the design of coffee grinders. The first model, called "ordinary model", is made of wood and sheet metal and available in 10 different sizes. At the same time as this production, Peugeot Frère continues its diversification, by producing crinolines and corset buscs. It was around this time (around 1850) that the famous lion emblem appeared, which is still the brand's logo today! Over the years, the production of household mills intensified and the first model of pepper mill for individuals was launched in 1874. Called "Z", it is still manufactured today! Many others will follow, from the simplest to the most sophisticated. The lion company nevertheless continues to multiply its activities through the launch of cars, sewing machines and even washing machines. The democratization of household and automobile machines is underway and Peugeot is fully participating in this development! At the same time, the spice mills are becoming more and more precise and aesthetic: they are now adorned with colored lacquers, are smaller and more practical. Until today, the company has continued to offer quality mills and household accessories, launching avant-garde products as well as reissues of its first successes.

A complete range

The Peugeot Saveurs collection does not stop at traditional coffee and spice mills. The brand offers many electric models with very design lines, but also sharp wine accessories and carefully selected spices. This is what makes us want to return to the table!