Carole's modern kitchen and eggplant

Carole's modern kitchen and eggplant

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. Set of 2 Silver WAVES bar / kitchen stools MILIBOO For the customization of the bar and the credenza: Corked Alu plates WEBER METALS & PLASTICS


. Robot Mini Plus Purple MAGIMIX

THE luminaire:

. Modern brushed metal pendant lamp LIPSI MILIBOO GM bottle lamp Ref: LHJ705008 PM bottle lamp Ref: LHJ705007 COMING B


. F10439 eggplant spoon spatula F10239 eggplant spatula F12239 eggplant egg whisk F12739 eggplant silicone brush F13039 eggplant pastry brush F15039 eggplant spoon F 15439 eggplant fish turner F 16839 eggplant silicone steel tongs F20239 vegetable razor 28050 pestle mortar F24105 chisel pestle F24105 chisel express F27352 lots of 2 sprays + magnetic holder F29253 lot of 3 bowls F25580 double mesh screen F48814 siphon for foam F 63186 crepe maker F 63950 bain marie pan F68800 long black foil F 76439 violet eggplant scale F77739 double timer F82305 1 silicone glove50 aubergine F10 suspension F92756 spice tower F89050 trash can MASTRAD Royal black metal wire drainer Ref: BAO730012 Black metal cutlery basket Ref: BAO73002 Circular dish top Ref: RNC730004 Metal + silicone spoon rest Ref: RNC730003 PM inclined jar Ref: ZBN730003 GM inclined jar Ref: ZBN730001 Bocal stainless steel GM glass Ref: ZBS730003 Stainless steel PM jar Ref: ZBS730005 Stainless steel MM jar Ref: ZBS730004 White pastille jar M Ref: ZBT730002 Black dia jar Ref: HWI730002 White dia jar Ref: HWI730001 Oil and vinegar bottle Ref: LVH721001 COMING B 4 flat plates 4 Dessert plates 4 Bowls 1 Salad bowl 4 Wine glasses LEXINGTON


. Vinyl floor "TWEED SILVER GRAY" PRIMETEX Unis & Design range Code: 1734 1608 - Easy, economical and fast installation: No preparation of support, no glue! - Ideal for renovation: Adapts to all floors and masks the roughness of the existing floor thanks to its textile backing! - Easy maintenance and anti-allergic: A little soapy water and the floor is impeccable and hygienic! GERFLOR


. 1 BACUTABI3 Colander Apron 1 BACUTOCO3 Colander Tea Towel MARON BOUILLE ZEBAG wine bag ZEbag® is a multi-purpose and multi-use bottle bag which is used to transport, store, present and highlight bottles at the same time. This chameleon bag is transformed in a jiffy according to the needs of its user: bottle holder, mobile mini-bar, vertical display to hang on the wall,… THE PELICAN Magnet for the Aubergine "Cutlery" refrigerator FUNNYDOORS The candles: G33678 Mini balloon candle jar Lavender bouquet P95416 Candle garden Black Orchid G44418 Divine cocktail candle jar G84418 Candle holder 3 wicks Divine cocktail VO5418 Maxi tealight candles Divine cocktail PARTYLITE


. 2 Venetian blinds Alu 25 mm Alu Gray MADECO


. Mural : Dulux Valentine Architect Paint - Velvet Satin - Amarena Dulux Valentine Paint - Ultra Resist Bathroom - Hammam DULUX VALENTINE ARCHITECT range only for sale at Leroy Merlin