A virtual exhibition room to choose the decoration of your walls

A virtual exhibition room to choose the decoration of your walls

If you want an original wall decoration, the Pic My Box site is for you! Facilitator of meetings between young talents and lovers of visual art, the site offers a real virtual exhibition room where you can choose the works that will settle in your home. Presentation.

The works of young talents

Pic My Box offers young talents the opportunity to post their work online and exhibit it in the virtual showroom. Thus, art lovers can stroll through the site gallery to find an original decoration from a selection of visuals published in series limited to 500 copies and at accessible prices in three different formats. All the works are exposed on a single page scrolling endlessly to make your choice, but you can also use the search engine to sort the images by theme, colors or keywords. What find your happiness in a few clicks.

Your photo prints

If you feel the soul of an artist, you can also have your personal images printed in good quality finishes. The photos are taken in HD and applied to a PVC plate. An anti-UV protective film is then applied. The print rendering is then exceptional, resistant to daylight and halogen and has an infinite lifespan. And to offer you a rendering worthy of the pros, the site offers you the Magic Box which will allow you to simply touch up your visuals in a few clicks. > More info on www.picmybox.fr