What colors to combine with raw wood furniture?

What colors to combine with raw wood furniture?

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Wood, a noble and essential material, is still one of the stars of interior decoration. Raw wood is easy to integrate into many atmospheres, and goes well with a pretty palette of colors. Both chic and timeless, it crosses generations without a wrinkle. It adapts perfectly from the country style to the urban chic, and harmonizes just as well with the predominant black, gray, white in an interior of industrial style.

Plant atmosphere and natural colors

Raw wood forms a marriage without false note with the soft tones borrowed from the surrounding nature. Green, beige, taupe, chocolate or iced brown, but also frosted gray reminiscent of the icy mornings of early winter. We like the raw wood and the soft and comfortable materials in which to curl up for an instant cocooning. Wool, sheepskin, velvet, are all fabrics to choose in discreet tones with which to associate the raw wood. Very cozy.

Raw wood and warm colors

The chalet style is always in tune with the times. Parquet and raw wood furniture are in perfect harmony with red and orange. This type of atmosphere reassures and lends itself to conviviality. It is ideal in a living room, kitchen or entry where you like to find a good dose of energy in the morning for the rest of the day. The chalet lends itself to delight in the total look without ever fear of overdose. In this case, we opt for all ultra natural raw wood for the floor, walls, furniture and objects such as lamp bases, small trunk, plant pots, speakers and many others. The upholstery and linens can be available in beige, green or red to affirm the atmosphere that is both typical and welcoming.

Natural wood and muted colors

To find the relief necessary for a good night's sleep, the bedroom can be furnished with natural wood to combine with mysterious purple. In the same vein, a deep blue lends itself just as much to this room reserved for privacy and rest. Purple and blue are two trendy colors that have the distinction of bringing a touch of elegance to the interior decor. These fairly dark colors placed on a wall have the power to enhance furniture and decorative objects in natural wood.

Softening the industrial style

Another style, another harmony: the trendy industrial style - where black, gray and aged steel predominate - can be softened with a touch of raw wood. A very nice way to combine two eras for a very current result. Likewise, it brings warmth and softness to an apartment converted into an ultra-bright loft. In these two examples, the non-colors can be enhanced with taupe, khaki green or flashy pink in scattered touches for an even more contemporary effect. Tablecloth, cushions, rugs are all decorative elements to decline in this palette of colors in perfect harmony with raw wood.