When should I make an expansion joint in my flooring?

When should I make an expansion joint in my flooring?

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Answer: when the surface exceeds 40 m² (36 m² in case of underfloor heating).

The expansion joint is essential for the good performance of your work in the long term. Indeed, any structure moves or changes over time, and the expansion joint is responsible for absorbing these small variations. This is all the more true for large surfaces! As soon as an area exceeds 40 m², the expansion joint becomes essential. If you benefit from underfloor heating, the surface is reduced to 36 m². Below, there is no need to ask. The expansion joint must be at least 6 mm thick, and the maximum distance between two expansion joints must be between 6 and 8 m, no more. In addition, you must install an expansion joint at the periphery of the room. Admittedly, the visual rendering of the expansion joint is not always the best effect, but it is unfortunately an obligatory step… You too, send us your brico question