A decor inspired by the Carl Larsson exhibition at the Petit Palais

A decor inspired by the Carl Larsson exhibition at the Petit Palais

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The name Carl Larsson may not mean anything to you. However, an exhibition dedicated to his work has just opened its doors at the Petit Palais. This painter of the Swedish bourgeoisie, very popular in his country, knew how to impose an unprecedented register: to describe his 100% Swedish family life from the beginning of the XXth century. And precisely at a time when Scandinavian decor is sweeping the decor press and on the stalls of our favorite shops, it made us want to be inspired to find the very essence of this coveted trend.

A simple interior but not without charm

Photo credits: Carl Larsson © Nationalmuseum Stockholm / Ikea From the first glance, what strikes in the interiors represented by the artist is the restitution of the ambient softness! A feeling partly brought by the use of wood, in particular blond wood like pine or birch. A very popular species in Sweden since the territory is 53% forest covered. In terms of design, at that time, the furniture was raw and made to last. No waste therefore! For that, always bet on wood but opt ​​for more imposing, simple and solid lines like the big decorative standards like the Swedish chair with bars.

A palette of colors inspired by nature

Photo credits: Carl Larsson © Nationalmuseum Stockholm / Ikea Red is in the spotlight. But not just any red. The red says "Falun", from copper mines in central Sweden to which we owe many small wooden houses painted red. Then use a light color palette to bring in as much light as possible. An important value in a country that is sorely lacking in winter. Finally, do not ignore the reasons. Fine flowers and stripes bring life to the whole and energize the raw material. Small palace Carl Larsson, the imagier of Sweden From March 7 to June 7 Avenue Winston Churchill - 75008 Paris Tel: 01 53 43 40 00 www.petitpalais.paris.fr