What are the different safety glazings?

What are the different safety glazings?

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Answer: the number and quality of the glass plates.

Opting for a window fitted with security glazing will deter possible burglars, and ensure your protection in the event of a fall and fire. Safety glazing is made up of several glass plates. Their addition strengthens the resistance of the window in the event of impact. Difficult to break, these security windows cause thieves to quickly withdraw, which multiplies the chances of being spotted if they linger on the scene. However, not all safety glazing offers the same guarantees. These vary depending on the types of glass used. Thus, safety glass made of tempered glass offers good resistance to the impacts caused. Disadvantage: it breaks into non-cutting pieces which must then be picked up. The safety glass in reinforced glass is equipped with a mesh which retains these pieces. And the laminated glass glazing remains in place if it is impacted, which prevents any passage of object or person. You too, send us your brico question