Video: an easy-to-make Zen centerpiece

Video: an easy-to-make Zen centerpiece

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Who said that Zen decorations were reserved for the bathroom? At mealtime, lotus flowers and pebbles show us that a table centerpiece with Japanese accents cannot be refused! Or how to release stress during lunch or dinner.

Watch the video :

Level: easy Completion time : 10 minutes Indicative cost: 30 € Necessary material : 5 lotus + gray and green pebbles + fake diamonds + 1 transparent container

Steps :

- Place pebbles at the bottom of the transparent container, alternating colors - Add a touch of fantasy with fake diamonds for the translucent side and green pebbles for the natural side - Choose a lotus and place it over the entire length of the container. cutting off the end of the sticking out stem - Carefully open its flower - Place a second lotus in the opposite direction to the first by repeating the same operation (cutting the stem and opening the flower) - Cut the floret of the three remaining lotuses and place -the middle of the pebbles - Finally, fill the container with water! The decor idea: complete the zen spirit of the centerpiece by adding a bowl or a vase filled with driftwood or a buddha head for the decorative aspect! Shopping: Manoro flat plates, ALINEA Manoro soup bowls, ALINEA Trevise linen napkin, ALINEA Trevise linen tablecloth, ALINEA Creation: Watercolor