Revamp your credenza with Julien's tile painting

Revamp your credenza with Julien's tile painting

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Makeover your kitchen without changing everything, it is especially possible with paint for splashback. Signed Julien, this chic, inexpensive and colorful solution transforms places to meet our desire for change and novelty with ease. Presentation.

Special tiling paint

Because your kitchen splashback is tiled, you thought it unchangeable, unless you put a brand new one instead. Well you were wrong! Because at Julien, there is a special washable and easy-to-maintain tiling paint that adheres directly without undercoat on ceramic, porcelain stoneware, earthenware, porcelain, glass ... and which resists humidity as well as stains. Convenient, but not only. Available in gray, red, purple and green, this painting intends to play it deco! Or how to restore freshness, pep or elegance to the culinary room of the house…


For those who would be thrilled by this simple, effective and economical makeover solution, here is the step by step to follow to ask it! - First: remove traces or residue of soap or other household products before starting the painting step. - Then, clean the grooves of the joints and any appearance of mold with a brush. - Then dry everything with a dry cloth before lightly sanding the splashback tiling - What happens next? Delimit the areas to be painted with masking tape - We finally apply the magic paint on the tiles and the joints with a brush or roller - We repeat the operation then, we avoid any contact with water for 3 days so that the paint fully adheres

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