Mistakes to Avoid in the Garage

Mistakes to Avoid in the Garage

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Whether you live in a house or an apartment, you may own a garage and are not aware of all its possibilities. To help you make the most of this fully-fledged room, we offer an overview of the mistakes to avoid in the garage.

Don't neglect the garage

The garage is a real asset in a house or an apartment. It offers you real comfort by allowing you to easily park your car without paying a parking fee, without fear of kidnapping or fines and by protecting your vehicle from bad weather and vandalism. The garage then becomes a real added value when you want to sell or rent your apartment. If you have your house built, then in no case do you hesitate on whether or not to build a garage space.

Don't condemn your garage

The garage is a very practical space provided you do not condemn it by using it as a storage room. We see too often garages overflowing with boxes and other objects which barely opens the door and even less to park a car. It is not because the garage is not a visible room that one should not take care of it and optimize it.

Do not deviate from the insulation

Insulation is very important when it comes to the garage. Indeed, if it is stuck to your home, it can really lower the indoor temperature because it will not be heated and can turn into a real fridge. Also, we think of insulating well the garage / house walls. If you want to use your garage to the fullest, it may be useful to completely isolate it in order to avoid negative temperatures during the winter which can, for example, freeze water supplies from the garage.

The garage is not only for the car

Know that your garage is not only used to accommodate your car but that it can also serve as a storage room, laundry room ... First of all, if you have a large garage, arrange the sides around the car so that you can store tools , bikes and other accessories that are not suitable for the home. Then note that you can also use your garage as a pantry by placing long-life products there, but also a large freezer or a second refrigerator. The washing machine and dryer can also find their place in the garage. The only constraint: the temperature should never be negative. By carefully monitoring the temperature, your garage can also accommodate your wine cellar.

Don't think the garage can only be a garage

Finally, consider all the possibilities of your garage and keep in mind that it can also be transformed into a living room with some work including insulation and decoration. You will then gain many square meters of living space to accommodate a new bedroom, a small studio or a games room.