Rebel decoration!

Rebel decoration!

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The decor plays on words. While the new feature film "Rebel" from Disney and Pixar has just arrived in cinemas, the most rebellious room in the house, the teenage bedroom, in turn decides to do nothing but at its head. Identification of decorative accessories that fully assume this character trait, so readily shared by our teenagers.

The highway code as inspiration

With its "stop", "forbidden direction", "parking prohibited" or "attention, construction" signs, the highway code offers a broth of ideas for decorating a room that wants to be "rebellious". We particularly like the portable lamps of Castorama inspired by construction site panels on which we can read: "do not enter" or "attention, room under construction", all at almost 30 € per unit. We also vote for the red and white round carpet also named "do not enter" by But and for the sign stickers of as the mythical meaning prohibited.

100% rebellion patterns and quotes

After the urban inspiration, you give free rein to your imagination to play it 100% rebellious. On the menu: inscriptions like "do not disturb", "V.I.P exclusively", "prohibited for girls" or "prohibited for boys" ... The good idea? Hang a slate board on the door so that you can write your own password. And why not choose it with two sides, to alternate the words "closed" or "open" ("closed" / "open") as in store, to return as you wish! And finally, our favorite: a sticker to personalize with the first name of your choice followed by the words "beautiful and rebellious". It's at ADN Auto, and it's not expensive!