How to paint polystyrene ceiling tiles?

How to paint polystyrene ceiling tiles?

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Question from Emmanuelle


Answer: use a roller with telescopic handle and cross the paint well

Hello Emmanuelle, you want to paint your ceiling in polystyrene tiles, avoiding traces as much as possible. You did well to apply two undercoats to camouflage the salmon pink! For the rest, it is first of all necessary that your ceiling is perfectly smooth and dusted. Take a roller with a telescopic handle and proceed by area of ​​one meter wide by one meter long, drawing on the paint and crossing well. Use a round brush to paint the edges of the ceiling and a flat brush for the moldings. Paint in successive bands and advancing towards the side opposite to the light. Choose an acrylic paint or a paint based on Plioway® resin specially recommended for polystyrene ceilings. You too, send us your decoration question


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