What types of opening pool enclosures are there?

What types of opening pool enclosures are there?

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Answer: there are inflatable, telescopic, folding shelters…

The opening swimming pool enclosure allows you to discover the swimming pool in fine weather, partially or entirely. There are many kinds. Inflatable, it consists of a canvas (PVC) inflated by a motor. The telescopic shelter is made of modules which fit into each other and slide on casters: it can be motorized. The folding shelter has a light structure (aluminum, galvanized steel) on which a transparent canvas is attached, a bit like a camping tent. Low modules, a bit like a tunnel, constitute the lifting shelter. Finally, the greenhouse consists of a curved frame on which a PVC canvas is attached. Depending on the type of your swimming pool - buried, above ground -, its location, the style of your house and your budget, you can choose one or the other of these solutions.

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