Meeting with Manon Bousquet, one of the three winners of the Tremplin des Créateurs at Little Market

Meeting with Manon Bousquet, one of the three winners of the Tremplin des Créateurs at Little Market

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Do you want to give your interior a good dose of good humor? That's good, we met a designer who sprinkles it on each of her creations. Manon Bousquet is one of the 3 winners of the Springboard of Creators A Little Market and reveals to us with joy what this victory represents for her as well as her future projects.

Who is behind Cosita Buena?

In short: a girl who loves life. I am of Spanish origin and I lived 2 and a half years in Catalonia… I love this country! So I naturally chose to give my shop name: COSITA BUENA! In French the literary translation is "The good little thing" ... For me it is THE lucky star who watches over us, a good luck charm, the coat of arms of the positive attitude. Cosita buena was born when I needed to feel good about myself, to feel useful! Today, I am free to create what I like!

How did you become a designer?

By chance. And at the same time I don't believe in chance! I came to creation a little over a year ago… I wanted to give birth to something that looks like me, joyful, positive and all this in color! It was my mother-in-law who lent me her sewing machine, in 20 minutes, she had explained to me how it worked. It was my father and my darling who first encouraged me to continue and create my shop on Alittlemarket. And there you have it: a shop, some sales and the successful contest!

Tell us about your creations

All my creations are made with a smile and a good mood! I give a name by series to all my creations. I create keychains, fleece bags, checkbook holders, tablet covers, bags or even cushions. In general, we girls spend time in the morning choosing the clothes that are most consistent with our mood of the day. I work the same for my creations! I get up in the morning and I create according to the desire of the present moment, to the feeling, to the desire!

You are one of the 3 winners of the Springboard of Creators At Little Market, what does this represent for you?

A springboard ! My first objective was for COSITA BUENA to arrive before the jury because I wanted to confront their critics. And in the end, I pass the jury course and in addition I am chosen! The top! At first I did not believe it and it was once in Paris, during the awards ceremony, that I realized that I was part of the world of "creators". Passing before a jury of professionals and coming out a winner comforted me on my way.

Future projects?

Full! After the competition, I started to contact shops and galleries to offer them to exhibit my creations! COSITA BUENA, opened the doors to CUBIK Galerie in Montpellier (where I have been exhibiting since March 26 and until May 26) and LOUSTO in Saintes-Marie-de-la-Mer (from March to September ). Obviously, my goal is that Cosita Buena is present in even more stores, maybe also some fashion shows and the top of the top: that she opens her own shop! I believe in The Good Star… so I tell you very quickly! To discover the creations of Cosita Buena, visit his shop A Little Market