In this 3 in 1 room: the 5 ideas to remember

In this 3 in 1 room: the 5 ideas to remember

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Optimizing the rooms in a small apartment is not always easy. So when you need a workspace and baby arrives, you have to organize. The master bedroom then becomes a 3 in 1 room where everything must be precisely composed so as not to turn into a real mess. Here are 5 ideas to remember and reproduce if you are in this configuration.

Idea n ° 1: Separate spaces with a curtain

When baby arrives and you don't have room to create a room of his own, you have to use tricks so that he still has his little corner of paradise. Easy to install, a simple curtain drawn at bedtime can immediately make a difference. On your side, you keep a little privacy.

Idea n ° 2: Take advantage of the space under the window to install the desk

Arranging the space under the window can sometimes be more difficult than you think when each square cm is essential. If you need a work area, this is the opportunity to install one or two practical offices. Another tip if a standard size desk is still too large, you can cut a lanyard board to the desired width that you will fix on trestles. Easy tailor-made!

Idea n ° 3: Attach a lamp to the wall

When you have a small bedroom and you have to optimize the space as much as possible, you separate yourself from some furniture such as bedside tables. But to still have a light source near the bed, we opt for a wall lamp that is fixed at head level.

Idea n ° 4: Optimizing storage on the wall

To save space in the bedroom, you must of course use the walls wisely. With a few shelves, placed here and there, you gain in no time a string of storage. And so that the elements placed do not give the impression of a big mess, we opt for pretty boxes in which we slip everything.

Idea n ° 5: Opt for white walls and furniture

Finally, since each square meter of the room is used, it is important that the room does not give the impression of being oppressive. To do this, simply leave the walls white and choose furniture that is also sleek. Desks, shelves, beds, chests of drawers and even bed linen are totally white. The space then appears more airy.