Low prices for a baby bed

Low prices for a baby bed

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Furnishing the nursery is not necessarily cheap. Fortunately, there are very charming beds which combine decoration, practicality and low price. If you're still having trouble deciding, here are some tips for choosing the bed that best suits your needs.

A practical bed

To combine practicality and low budget in the baby's room, it is on a 3in1 bed that you have to bet. Storage and changing table are integrated at the end of the bed to gain both convenience and place, ideal in a small room. To save money in the long run, you can also opt for an extendable bed that grows with your little one. We particularly like a model with contemporary lines that will not lose its light year after year.

A patterned bed

The bed of your little ones is also adorned with pretty patterns to be a real decorative piece. The peas adapt for example very well in a children's room that they are blue in a little boy's space, than pink in a little girl's room. The animals also do their show on the crib. We adopt without reserve the savannah in the room with drawings of giraffes, elephants or lions.

An original bed

Babies also deserve to have a touch of originality in their room. For this, we put on an unusual bed model like a rattan cradle or a metal bar bed with very retro accents. A nice little trailer-shaped bed will also find its place in a little girl's room. Our practical nursery decor videos


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