Fencing your garden: what possibilities?

Fencing your garden: what possibilities?

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To mark the property line, preserve privacy and optimize security, fencing is essential. It remains to find the right solution to feel good at home while developing an aesthetic fence that will blend into the landscape. Plant or artificial barrier, wooden or composite palisade fence, fence or wall: the fence completes the layout of the garden, in town as well as in the countryside.

Natural and artificial hedges

Nature lovers will find in hedges the ideal solution for fencing their garden. The persistent hedge often made up of Leyland or Thuja type conifers, however, involves one to two prunings per year so as not to disturb the neighbors. Less bulky, the hedge made up of different species has a crazy charm. It allows you to play with the varied colors of the foliage, to punctuate its plant fence over the seasons with colorful and fragrant notes if you insert flowering trees. You can support a white, green palisade or your wood for a successful decorative effect. Less natural but practical, the artificial hedge offers a nice density of the order of 1.6 kg / M² and a thickness of at least 30 cm. A high-quality artificial plant fence completely satisfactorily mimics the hedge and total blackout. Made of PVC, it does not require any size or special care.

Slatted fence and wire mesh

Slats are more and more used to fence a garden. Blackout, they are easy to install and come in different materials. In wood, they require regular maintenance in order to withstand the onslaught of wind, rain, sun, frost. The PVC slats do not require any special maintenance to maintain their original appearance. This type of fence is easy to install. To give it a more natural look, you can double the synthetic fence with canisses which will increase the blackout power. As for the fence, if it effectively closes the garden, it does not allow you to live away from prying eyes. It is therefore essential to double it with plants, canes and other privacy screens.

A wall to fence off your garden

You may prefer to erect a fence wall to isolate yourself from the outside world. If the concrete block is economical enough, the stone gives an authentic character to the fence. It is therefore time to recover the stones piled up at the bottom of the garden or from the neighbors and complete with local stones. It only remains to overcome the building with a row of beautifully colored flat tiles. This type of fence is perfect for fully preserving its privacy and attenuating surrounding noise. However, its construction requires real know-how. You might as well leave it to a professional. Easier to install, the gabion fence does not require any special knowledge and allows beautiful decorative effects.

Who says fence says gate pose

If the property is fenced, it is necessary to install a gate to enter your home. Aesthetic and practical, the gate can be manual or electric. Ideal for small lots, the sliding gate saves space. And to protect your home from prying eyes, you can opt for a black, white or black or colored blackout portal, made of wood, iron, aluminum or pvc. Our practical garden videos


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