Material focus: how to choose a potter's wheel?

Material focus: how to choose a potter's wheel?

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The potter's wheel is a device that consists of a turntable, called a girelle, which the potter uses to model round containers. If you are looking for a potter's wheel suitable for your level, you will see that it is not easy to differentiate among the different models available. Here are some criteria that can help you make your choice.

The different types of potter's wheel

  • the potter's wheel electric: the potter connects his turn to the mains and controls the speed using an electronic variator. Plan a budget of between 500 euros for potter's tricks entry-level and 2,500 euros for potter's tricks top of the line.
  • the potter's wheel on foot: the potter must control the speed using his foot by throwing a large disc placed at ground level on the same axis as the girelle.
  • the arm tour: the potter must insert a piece of wood in the girelle to rotate it manually and get the speed he wants. This kind of potter's tricks remains the most affordable. You will find models from 30 euros

The filming capacity

For beginners, it is advisable to favor a tower model whose turning capacity does not exceed 10 kg. For professional use, there are potter's tricks more sophisticated with a turning capacity of around 25 kg. A potter's wheel with an intermediate filming capacity will be perfect for discerning amateurs. You will find models of this type from 1,000 euros.