A facelift in my teenage girl's room for less than 200 euros

A facelift in my teenage girl's room for less than 200 euros

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Your teenager can no longer see in painting the room she chose barely two years ago? No worries, you can give it a little facelift again without spending a fortune. With a few decorative tips and a little elbow grease, you can give it another look in just one day.

Install a new floor: 8.99 euros per m2 or 89.90 euros for 10m2

No more old-fashioned carpeting or tiling, we make him happy by putting a vinyl floor that looks like him. Easy to install and maintain, in addition to being decorative, you have everything to gain!

Photo credit: Leroy Merlin

Transform a wall into a blackboard: 18.90 euros per jar

To give your teenager free rein to their imagination, paint one of the walls of their bedroom with a blackboard paint. She will then be able to write little words or stick pictures of her friends there. A few brush strokes and voila!

Photo credit: Alinéa

Change your duvet cover: 19.95 euros

Forget the sheets covered with cartoon characters and welcome to a pretty trendy duvet cover and her age. In a flowered version or with urban patterns, it will give the bed a look that suits it better.

Photo credit: H&M Home

Decorate with trendy cushions: € 29.97 for three

Once the duvet cover has been changed, we must also think about the decoration that we will install on the bed. We suggest you opt for trendy cushions, in bright colors and covered with writing that will undoubtedly seduce her.

Photo credit: H&M Home

Invest in a decorative pouffe: 39.90 euros

Your teenager also wants to spend time in her room with her friends, but for that, it is necessary to plan what to receive them! A simple beanbag can sometimes make all the difference when you choose it carefully. Sober or colorful, it is up to her to decide according to the atmosphere she wishes to give.

Photo credit: Maisons du Monde