A wind of Liberty blows on the spring decor

A wind of Liberty blows on the spring decor

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The floral fabric very trendy in the 70s is always on top this season in our interiors. Available in wallpaper, decorative and kitchen accessories, it invites itself into any room in the house. Pink and romantic, yellow and spring or even green and natural, he is not afraid to use all colors to adapt to all styles. Full beacon on a current motif which was born more than a century ago.

Who is he ?

Invented by Arthur L. Liberty in 1875, which gives its name to the famous fabric, the famous floral print has crossed the decades without ever aging. A real source of timeless inspiration, it still makes its appearance in fashion and decoration collections today. If Liberty is actually a registered trademark, it now designates all light fabrics with floral patterns. But not only, because if the cushions and bed linen have taken hold of them, it is also the decorative accessories that use them. In a small tray or even as a lamp, it reinvents itself to harmonize with our contemporary decor.

Photo credits: Betsy / Boqueroton

How to adopt it?

The advantage with the Liberty pattern is that it goes perfectly with many styles. In a room with a romantic atmosphere, you dare without depriving yourself on bed linen, curtains and even wallpaper. In the space of a little girl, too, it goes perfectly with white furniture in colors of pink and purple. In the living room, we put on the Liberty in small touches so as not to give a too girly look. Square or length cushions or even a small lamp are enough to perfect the decor. As for the kitchen or the table decoration, they are sublimated with a small tray, cutlery or even dishes coated with the timeless floral and spring print.

Photo credits: 3 Suisses / Saber