How to fix a shower screen on a plasterboard?

How to fix a shower screen on a plasterboard?

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Answer: determine the number of fasteners required, use extension plugs and integrate a metal reinforcement on the wall.

A plasterboard is able to support different objects, whether light or even very heavy. To fix a shower screen on a plasterboard, it is important at first to choose and determine the number of fixings necessary for such a device. For this type of installation, it is imperative to use plugs with extension and to integrate a metal reinforcement into the wall. We recommend using Molly dowels, a flagship product for plasters. Supplied with their screws, these dowels are anchored with a specific gun or pliers. When the anchor is fixed to the wall, it folds up so as to ensure a very good grip in the plaster and to support the shower screen without risk. video id = "0" / Our practical DIY videos